Annual Report 2011
  • Reasons for initialization
  • Reasons for initialization
  • Reasons for initialization
  • Reasons for initialization
  • Reasons for initialization

In February 2011, Nyrstar launched Nyrstar2020, a strategic initiative aimed at positioning the company for a long term sustainable future as the leading integrated mining and metals business.


“Position” the Annual Report as an integrated, long-term project within Nyrstar’s strategic initiative.
  1. 1. Set the direction for best practice in Annual Reporting.

  2. 2. Strive for excellence in communications.
Strategic considerations

We wanted to answer 3 questions :
  1. 1. What does our audience really want from our online report? Easy accessibility, user friendliness, clarity, simplicity … and content that meets all stakeholders’ needs.

  2. 2. How do we meet these different needs effectively? Multi-channe and multi-initiative mix, meaning print, online and mobile reports.

  3. 3. Does this approach impact the reporting process? Strong consistent content. Effective disclosure and reporting. Several targets. Consistent messaging.
Nyrstar way
Details of implementation

1. Online (http://nyrstar.annual-report.be/2011/)

Online reporting plays a prominent role in Nyrstar’s innovative and creative thinking. Focus lies on overall user friendliness and interactivity.
  1. Structure change: from linear to interactive
  2. Content change: people don’t read online, but skim and scan pages. Therefore, clear overview pages, shorter paragraphs, relevant titles, highlighted keywords, inline links, action words and appealing infographics are key.
  3. Enhanced usability: help stakeholders find information quickly through targeted signposting,
  4. effective search functions, easy Excel downloads.
  5. Search Engine Optimization: publishing the Nyrstar report in SEO HTML gives it optimal visibility in search engines: +60% free and highly targeted traffic from search engines.
  6. Technology highlights: HTML5/CSS3, Device type: touchscreen (smartphone and tablet) vs mouse interactions. Device orientation: landscape vs portrait. Full screen size.
2. On Ipad (http://itunes.apple.com/be/app/nyrstar-annual-report-2011/id511248081?mt=8)

Native iPad app is created based on the complete HTML version of report, offering intuitive menu guidance and powerful search function, videos, links to further information, layer glossary and iPad-specific finger movements.



NYRSTAR's multi-channel, multi-initiative, campaign was a success:

The ‘campaign’ reached over 4.571 online visitors, of which 4.063 unique visitors - in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, UK and Germany; 13.303 page views, on average 2,91 pages visited, during 1,41 minutes, 88.91% new visitors.

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